Trinty Lutheran Church is Historical…


Lutherans from Germany began to settle in St. Charles County in the mid-19th century. The families that settled and farmed the lands between the Missouri and the Mississippi rivers, in what is now called Orchard Farm, came to this country seeking religious freedom and to start a new life. In 1848, Immanuel Lutheran Church was formed in St. Charles to meet the needs of these immigrants. Since education was so important to these early Lutherans, five district schools were established. On August 25, 1862, School Number 2, also known as the Prairie District, opened to meet the needs of the members “in the prairie”.

On August 14, 1875, the members of Immanuel Lutheran Church, St. Charles, living in the Prairie District were given permission to build their own Church. In November of that year the Prairie District Lutherans organized their own congregation, meeting in the branch school, the “German Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Congregation in Point Prairie, St. Charles County, Missouri” was organized by the adoption of a charter and the election of a Board of Elders.

The new church building of Trinity Lutheran Church was dedicated on Holy Trinity Sunday, June 11, 1876. Even though changes have been made to both the exterior and interior of the church, the present church continues to serve its members' worship needs after over a century and a half of use.

Trinity Lutheran Church and School survived and remains committed to providing solid Christian education and following the historic Lutheran teachings and liturgical worship practices into the 21st century. Through a Civil War , two World Wars and multiple armed conflicts our nation has endured, Trinity has remained a constant part of the families of the St. Charles County and surrounding St. Louis County area. Our congregation has grown to include members from St. Louis and St. Charles counties and guests from throughout the world, yet our identity and mission have remained firm. Our mission is founded in the rich heritage of teaching God's Work, showing the way to heaven through the Faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.