"I can see that You are a prophet . . .”

Once the woman realized Jesus was a prophet, she began to ask Him questions. We also have questions. Jesus answers those questions.


In 1862, the German immigrant Lutheran families of the 'Point Prairie' district recognized the educational needs of their children and met them by building a one-room schoolhouse.

We continue this tradition of Christian education today. We believe it begins through the living waters of Holy Baptism and continues as a lifelong journey of faith. From birth, our children are enrolled in the “cradle roll” so parents may receive pamphlets, booklets, and music tapes that teach the faith.

From the age of three on, our members are encouraged to attend Sunday school classes. We offer classes at all levels, from pre-school to adult, in addition to a variety of other Bible study opportunities.

Trinity Lutheran School seeks to develop the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical well being of each student. Our Christ-centered curriculum offers a well-rounded education in all academic disciplines including daily religious instruction, computer use, a variety of extra-curricular activities, and Christian service opportunities for students in grades K-8.